COPESMART is a platform where registered users may take required Assessments, get their individual stress resilience profile. Learn relevant techniques and also seek counselling where ever required.  Professional You need to have a registered user ID and password to access all the features of COPESMART. A registered user can be anybody who is interested in the subject and wants to develop knowledge and skills to manage stress for professional excellence and personal wellbeing. There is a nominal registration fee, However to avail any counselling service individual have to pay specific fees as indicated by the specialist/Qualified Professionals.

1. Find a therapist or Qualified Professional 

You can search by location, Gender, Language, or specialty under the Find a Qualified Professional.

2. Create your account 

You need an account in order to contact and schedule an appointment with your Qualified Professional. Just a few simple details and you're ready to get started.

3. Take Assessments

You can take a comprehensive Assessments to understand specific concerned domains for yourself.

4. Access DYM module 

The Do Yourself Module provides Coaching and Counselling techniques that will be helpful to you to minimise stress impact..

5. Book an appointment

In case you feel the need to seek counselling from a professional, you can make an appointment with our online calendar. We offer sessions as short as 15 minutes and as long as an hour. Our Qualified Professionals usually confirm - or suggest another time - within 48 hours.

6. Start your online session. 

Log into your account at your scheduled time - and meet your therapist/ Qualified Professional!