Distress Test

Distress is the result of unmanageable stress in our day to day life. 

Indicate how often each of the following effects happens to you either when you are experiencing stress, or post exposure to a significant demand/problem.  Respond to each following item with a number using the rating scale.

Rating: Never/ Not Remembered= 1      Once in two/three months = 2     Once in two/three weeks = 3   Once/more a week = 4       Daily = 5


1.How often do you get tightness around your head (light head ache)*
2.How often does your hands get cold / sweaty
3.How often do you experience a stiff neck (light neck pain)
4.How often do you feel low back pain
5.How often do you find difficulty in breathing
6.How often do get muscle tensions
7.How often do you get reeling sensation / giddiness
8.How often do you tighten your teeth with frustration
9.How often do you get increased heart beats without physical exercise
10.How often do you have cramps and pain in your stomach


11.How often do you feel depressed*
12.How often do you experience problems / work overload
13.How often do you get angry without proper cause
14.How often do you feel difficulty in making decisions (confused state of mind)
15.How often do you have trouble remembering names and appointments
16.How often do you feel lonely
17.How often do you feel anxiety/worry/guilty/ nervousness
18.How often do you feel as if you cannot change the bad thing in your life (hopelessness)
19.How often do you experience bad dreams
20.How often do you feel uncontrolled //suicidal thoughts


21.How often do you over react to small issues ( bad temperament)*
22.How often do you withdraw from the social gatherings (marriage, ceremonies etc.)
23.How often do you have arguments with others
24.How often do you have a sleeping problem (delayed /disturbed sleep)
25.How often do you shout at others (aggression)
26.How often do you get tiredness and exhibit weakness in routine activities
27.How often are you late to work schedules
28.How often do you adjustment problems
29.How often do you give explanations to others for your behaviour
30.How often do you increase smoking/ alcohol / any substance consumption in case habit