Why should I join the COPESMART network?

By offering convenient and effective online counseling, COPESMART providers enjoy greater scheduling flexibility, reduce costly no-shows, reach new clients, and increase client satisfaction.

Unlike other generic video platforms that may be used for online counseling, COPESMART is designed specifically for secure, HIPAA compliant therapy sessions.

I'm a licensed therapist. Am I eligible to join COPESMART's provider network?

Yes. If you carry a current behavioral health license, we welcome you to join our network. Please note that is available for all individuals who have completed the 100 hours of Stress Management Professional Certification through ICSMP.

How much does COPESMART cost?

COPESMART offers professionals a secure and convenient platform for conducting video counseling sessions, dedicated technical and customer support, and marketing tools for your online business. COPESMART users also benefit from low no-show rates averaging 3.5%.

In exchange for these robust services, we ask an affordable handling fee per session from the professionals.

Corporate users need not pay any fee as their fee will be part of the license contract mutually agreed..

What kind of computer or technical equipment do I need to use COPESMART?

One of the following operating systems:

Windows version 7 or 8
Macintosh version OS X 10.7 or newer
One of the following Internet browsers:

Chrome version 31 or newer
Firefox version 24 or newer
Internet Explorer version 8 or newer
A webcam and microphone (available in stores or online)

I already use other video platforms (Skype, Facetime, etc.) with my clients. How is COPESMART different?
Unlike Skype or Facetime, COPESMART is specifically designed for secure, private, convenient sessions. Through Stressmanagementlab.com, you and your clients can conduct video counselling sessions and exchange emails easily and securely.

We take personal health information and privacy seriously, which is why COPESMART is 100% encrypted and HIPAA compliant. Using COPESMART, you can be confident that you are adhering to the very best practices for online counseling.

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How is my client's personal health information (PHI) protected?

COPESMART offers a safe and secured environment for a hassle-free intervention, Every SMP including staff training and third-party auditors are bound to follow Ethical code of conduct in ensuring total confidentiality and privacy of all clients, COPESMART's sessions are encrypted to ensure that you and your clients can exchange information securely through our website.

Are COPESMART sessions recorded?

No, to ensure privacy and security of data, COPESMART sessions are neither recorded nor stored.

How many new clients will COPESMART refer to me?

COPESMART is not a referral service and does not refer clients to providers. Providers in our network are encouraged, and expected, to introduce COPESMART to their current clients as a convenient alternative to face-to-face sessions. To help you educate your clients about online video counseling, we provide you with marketing materials at no charge to you.

New clients who visit Stressmanagementlab.com in search of video counselling may choose you as their provider. Because of this, many providers in our network have grown their business due to their affiliation with COPESMART.

Will I be required to work a minimum number of hours per week for COPESMART?

As a provider in COPESMART's network, you manage your own schedule and can conduct as many sessions on COPESMART as you wish. However, after an introductory period, providers in our network are expected to conduct a minimum of 5-15 sessions a month.

Can I e-prescribe medications to my clients through COPESMART?

At this time, COPESMART is not currently enabled for e-prescriptions.