About Us

COPESMART  provides end-to-end service and solutions for stress resilience, wellness and performance. Our team is passionate about improving wellness and performance by addressing the root cause to all problems which is lack of stress resilience. We combine decades of experience in delivering care and creating innovative methods and  protocol based approach . The Expert panel has decades of research and domain knowledge. All are Certified/Qualified, Experienced and Subject Specialists

Clinical & Counselling Psychologists
Wellness Coaches
Maternity Coaches
Managerial Coaches

Robust Case Management system
Mobile Responsive & Online Platform
Cutomised Assessments & Reports
Impact Tracking & Analysis
Phone, Video, Chat, SMS etc

Some of Satisfied Clients
Wissen Infotech
Hetero Drugs
Mezgoan Docks etc.

National Level 
5 Regional Centers
20+ Major Cities
200+ Professionals